Month: June 2023

What is Pitch on a Roof?

Roof pitch, or slope ratio as it is sometimes called, measures the rise of span over height. It is an important factor when deciding what type of material to use. For measuring roof pitch, a spirit-level and tape measure are both effective tools. However, apps make the process even easier. Pitch refers to the slant…

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What is the Pitch of a Roof?

Roof pitch (also known as slope coefficient) measures the rise in relation to the span. It is important in deciding on the roofing material. There are apps that make it easier to measure roof pitch. Pitch is defined as the angle of a roofing surface All roofs, no matter their shape or style, share a…

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How Much Do Plumbers Cost?

Plumbing is a skilled and important profession, despite the fact that most people only think of plumbers as the guys who fix clogged toilets. There is much more to this industry than just that, and it requires a lot of training and knowledge to become a master plumber. One of the most common things plumbers…

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